“This salve is like duct tape, it fixes everything!” That's what we keep hearing from happy customers. Infused with 1000 mg Hemp Bio-Phytoceuticals and 800 mg Magnesium for a double dose of healing power in 4 oz of Camelina Oil and Shea Butter. This salve can be used on all body parts from lips to hips and toes to fingertips. For improved sleep put on your hands and feet before bed. To provide relief for headaches rub salve on temples. Use to ease pain of arthritis and muscle strains just apply dime size amount to the area. Can be used to provide relief and calm for any mammal. For dogs we suggest just inside the ears on bare skin or on the bare belly, for horses it works well when rubbed on muzzle and nose or shaved ears have been done too. Great for healing wounds and skin conditions that are hard to heal. Made by hand with only the best organic ingredients available, in a loving environment, never touched by metal or plastic.
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Epic Body Balm- "Fixes Everything like Duct Tape"

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